Passengers Lawyer Up From Kevin Hart's Horrific Car Wreck.

Posted by: Jesse Kleib on 11/16/2021

As the calendar turned from August to September 2019, we learned that Kevin Hart was in a serious car accident. Concern began to brew around the community as Hart’s fans searched for any new information that they could find. While Hart is well on the path to recovery, it isn’t going to be an easy one. We have been filled in that Hart is going to need “extensive rehab.”

Most Recent News

The most recent news on the incident isn’t related to the occupants’ condition, though. Instead, sources say that everyone close to the crash has since lawyered up. As of now, it looks like things might just get a little bit messy.

TMZ reports that “The driver, who sustained serious back and chest injuries has an attorney, as does the passenger in the backseat, who sustained only minor injuries. Kevin has a lawyer as well.”

Who Stands to be Sued?

The outlet reports that the grievance is over the car’s safety features. While the car was upgraded, it wasn’t outfitted with all of the modern safety options. Without airbags or harnesses, the occupants were clearly far less safe. The lawyers battling it all out are going to be the ones who will determine if it amounts to negligence or not.

Furthermore, from what TMZ tells us, everyone else in the car could have legal recourse toward the driver.

Lastly, reports say that those who customized the car could be on the hook as well. The 720 horsepower produced by the machine is much more than anything from the era of the 1970 Plymouth Barracuda. The car came from the factory with 475 horsepower. The argument says that even if Kevin wanted the car without harnesses, the shop that modified the car is the professional in the situation. Lawyers might argue that they should’ve refused the job.

So When is All of This Happening?

To simplify things just a little bit, sources are reporting that everyone could sue everyone else. Whether or not they’ll actually pull the trigger on legal action remains to be seen.

As of now, no litigation has been initiated as far as we know.