Lazy Mechanic Welding Trick! Lay the Best Bead with No Effort!

Posted by: Jesse Kleib on 11/17/2021

When it comes to welding, the skill isn’t one that comes easily. If you want to become a masterful welder that’s worthy of admiration and a pay hike, you have to sink lots into hours of practicing and studying the craft in order to get as close as you can to perfecting it.

However, in some situations, it’s most definitely a better idea to work smarter than to work harder. After all, if you can invest a quarter of the time a fraction of the effort into getting the job done and also come out with a reasonably good result then why would you put all that extra legwork in to come out with a similar or maybe even lesser result?

Check out the video down below that shows off a sneaky little method that could produce, for you, a perfectly straight weld every last time all without having to freehand anything. Does this welding method look like something that you would try out if you needed to get a job like this done in a pinch?