LBZ Duramax Swapped Chevelle Launches Like a Monster!

Posted by: Jeremy Patterson on 11/17/2021

We are reminded on a daily basis just how far diesel performance has come over the past decade or so. Once relegated to hauling heavy cargo and light duty fuel sippers, Diesel engines are now easily modified to put down four-digit horsepower and torque numbers without outlaying a stack of cash.

Diesel performance has come so far that swapping them into cars for drag strip duty, like the Chevelle shown in the clip below. This classic Chevy had had a Duramax dropped into the frame rails and the car lays down some impressive numbers. With a ton of torque on tap and sticky tires grabbing the track, the Chevelle lays down a 10.0 second run at nearly 140 MPH after leaving a cloud of black smoke at the starting line.

This is just one of many diesel swapped cars that shred the quarter mile, and with the wave of popularity of these powerplants, we can only assume they will become more popular with time.