Leaf Blower Turbocharged Ford Ranger (HUGE Power)

Posted by: Matt Wright on 11/18/2021

Leaf Blower Turbocharged Ford Ranger (HUGE Power)

In this little clip, we witness a couple of folks messing around in the shop to see if there is any conceivable benefit to using a leaf blower as a means of forced induction, much like a turbocharger.

So, the guys placed their bets on whether or not the Ford Ranger would make more power with a leaf blower or not and the Ford was strapped up to the dyno rollers and the theory put to the test!

Check out the video below as the Ranger actually does manage to muster up a few more ponies, but then in a strange series of events doesn’t want to start back up afterward! Do you think this is just a fluke in the dyno numbers or is leaf blower power really worth looking at?