Life and Death on Billionaires' Superyachts - Working Onboard isn't Always Sunshine and Rainbows

Posted by: Jesse Kleib on 11/17/2021

The lives of the super-rich, many times, might seem like something straight out of a movie. With their rise to the top of the economic food chain through all sorts of different industries, there are some people who can have just about whatever they want at their fingertips at a moment’s notice! Want a massage on the spot? You’ve got it! Want a balcony on your yacht to overlook the island of your choosing? You’ve got it! In fact, the more that you look into it, the more you’ll be astounded by exactly what some of these people are able to purchase as, after a while, I guess that they get rather creative with their money.

However, with all of that need for specific services definitely needs to come a crew that is dedicated and willing to work their fingers to the bone. This time, we dig into exactly what life can be like onboard a superyacht and how exactly the super rich use these vessels to carry out their craziest dreams. Sometimes, all of that excess can come with a price tag that nobody had originally anticipated in this world that those within would claim to be a good time but also one where sleep can be difficult to come by and hard work is definitely one of the leading requirements in the job description.

The video below takes the liberty of taking you below deck, giving you an idea of some of the things that are happening onboard as the elbow grease is invested to make sure that life above deck is as stress-free as can possibly be. In one particular case, we would have to say that all of the effort really went too far as one crew member would make the ultimate sacrifice in the pursuit of making life on the seas as good as it could possibly be for someone else.