Lift Out Shallow Bollards take on a Ford Truck

Posted by: Jesse Kleib on 11/17/2021

If protecting something from heavy and quickly moving masses is your goal, then getting bollards like the ones pictured here might be your means to that end. These things look like they can take a serious beating before giving into the pressure exerted on them which, in this case, looks to be a ton!

This time, we check out what is known as “Lift Out Shallow Bollards” as a take on the likes of a Ford F-150 that the video claims to be 5000 pounds and is moving at 50 mph. To say that the collision is anything short of spectacular would be definitely selling the scenario short.

Check out the video below as the truck collides with the bollards that essentially rip everything underneath of the truck out from under it, rendering it completely stopped and destroyed as well. This is most certainly not a situation that I would want to find myself in as a motorist.