Lighting Cars On Fire Prank! Did He Go Too Far?

Posted by: Jesse Kleib on 11/17/2021

If you want to talk about controversy, bring up YouTube pranksters. For one reason or another, these guys always seem to find themselves being the topic of discussion whether it be for pranks going over the edge or being a big phony setup, there’s always something in that community to be talked about.

This time, we check out a prank that really brings the volatility as YouTuber, VitalyzdTv, goes to another level, inciting public terror as he heads around threatening to set peoples’ cars on fire with a gas can in hand and people on the receiving end not realizing that it’s only filled with water.

We watch in as the prankster heads from car to car, doing what we would only imagine is highly illegal as he sprinkles them all with water and acts like he’s trying to find a lighter to make these cars go up in flames! Honestly, I’m not even sure how I would react in a situation like this but I do have to say that the reactions here were certainly varied across the board from people running away to one man threatening to break out his gun.

Check out the prank down in the video below and be sure to chime in with what you think of this foolery that might have just gone a little bit too far. Where will all of these pranks and public demonstrations find their limit? Is there no limit to be had in this world of attempting to create virality?