Load straps break on ship spilling thousands of tons of cargo into the sea

Posted by: Jesse Kleib on 11/18/2021

If you thought that your day was off to a bad start, then boy oh boy do we have some footage that will make you feel a lot better about whatever it is that has you down.

While we’re not belittling your struggle by any means, just think about your life if you were this guy, the guy responsible for strapping down what we will assume to be thousands upon thousands of dollars in metal pipes.

In this scenario, we check out the ship carrying said pipes and watch as the straps break, sending them into the ocean and rendering this load a total loss.

That has to be about the most helpless feeling in the world as you can literally do nothing but sit there and watch as all that hard work floats away and sinks, quite literally. We’re not sure if it was equipment or user error, but either way, this completely sucks!

Check out the video below that gives you the oddest sensation ever as you watch all of those pipes just floating away into the abyss.