LSX Swapped 240 Named The JUGGERNAUT Shooting for the Skies!

Posted by: Jeremy Patterson on 11/17/2021

LS swaps have become so common that they really don’t grab as much attention as they once did, at least not just by mentioning them. However, when you throw a little boost to the potent little small block, they can grab everybody’s attention in an instant.

At Petey Small Block’s Takedown III, held this weekend at famed Darlington Dragway, this LSX swapped Nissan 240 showed up and put on a show. With the nickname Juggernaut, we knew this car was going to do something to backup such a name, and as soon as the driver turned the transbrake loose, we saw his plan in action and our jaws hit the ground! We don’t know how much horsepower this boosted LS has under the hood, or at least what’s left of it after the massive hole had to be cut in it to clear the LS intake, but it seems to at least have enough to put the rear bumper on the ground effortlessly, as you can see in the footage below from Free Life Films.

With a wicked lopey idle, the 240 rolled to the burnout box and laid down a nice fresh patch of rubber, which it then backed into to ensure the rear tires got as much traction as possible. Carefully bumping into the staging beams, the Juggernaut was ready to launch at the drop of the green light. As soon as the lights flashed amber, then green, the boosted powerplant’s horsepower was sent rearward to the tires, which grabbed the sticky Darlington asphalt and sent the nose of the car high into the South Carolina sky.

Up, up, up it went until the driver, at just the right moment, lifted off the throttle and dropped the nose back to the track as the car eased toward the wall. Upon returning to earth, the driver pulled the steering wheel back to the left and back into the groove. Hopefully the driver was able to tame the sky bound hotrod and keep the front tires where they belonged. If not, we hope Free Life caught the rest of the wheelstanding action!

The JUGGERNAUT Shooting for the Skies!!

The JUGGERNAUT Shooting for the Skies at Petey Small Blocks TakeDown III in the N/T 275/28's class here at Darlington Dragway!! Make sure to checkout the full event video at!!

Posted by Free Life Films on Saturday, May 27, 2017