LUDICROUS Tesla CALLS OUT EVERYONE! Hayabusa, Lamborghini, R34 GTR, Hellcat, CTSV, Porsche, McLaren

Posted by: Jesse Kleib on 11/17/2021

At this point, we’ve all come to be familiar with Tesla and how their products can be quite surprising in a drag racing scenario. Before the brand came around, nobody would have ever thought that an electric car could be something that would end up being quite dominant in such a situation, however, when Tesla went to the drawing board, they would come out with a product that would implement a couple of concepts that really make these things be hard to handle for the competition. They started with tackling some of the most integral sections of the drag race and put them all into one cohesive package that is pretty impressive.

Essentially, with a ton of torque that is consistent and doesn’t need to wait on the combustion engine to develop, these electric powered monsters send power to all four wheels at full force straight off of the line. From there, the cars are able to get out of the hole faster and after the fact, they aren’t exactly slugs, either. Instead, as it turns out, this advantage straight off of the line usually gives them enough of an edge to be able to hang on and outrun a lot of very formidable opponents like the ones that we see in this video.

If you follow along with the That Racing Channel collection of races down below, you’ll see exactly how the Tesla Model X takes to the track with the aim of taking on some nameplates that you would definitely expect to put on a strong performance including but not limited to a Hellcat, a Nissan GT-R, and even a quick appearance from a Lamborghini. Out of all of the trends that nobody really saw coming in the world of racing, I think this might be one that broadsided more folks than not.