Major Sponsor Drops NASCAR Driver, Why is the Sport Losing its Audience?

Posted by: Jesse Kleib on 11/17/2021

As you will see pretty much across the board, sports are constantly evolving in order to meet trends and keep the performers within the sports both safe and hopefully more successful. From the NFL making rule changes with the hopes of keeping their players bodies together throughout their career all the way to the other end of the spectrum where NASCAR is doing things like completely shuffling the points system in order to try to keep entertainment value high along with altering safety standards, long gone is a day where a sport is a stagnant body but instead, becomes an ever evolving and complex system of elements that all come together to paint one big picture.

However, one thing that has definitely been at the forefront of racing fans’ attention is why exactly it seems like NASCAR has been struggling to keep said attention. Recently, Jimmie Johnson announced that yet another Fortune 500 company, in Lowe’s, is dropping out of the NASCAR racing series altogether, leaving one of the sport’s bright and shining stars to find his income for racing expenses elsewhere. Alongside announcements like this, NASCAR fans are becoming more and more sparse for various reasons.

It’s definitely an area of concern as putting people in seats is the number one way to keep any form of racing alive. Exactly how they’re going to do this or why they’re currently on a downward trend is definitely up for debate, but I think that plenty of drivers and fans alike agree that the sport certainly needs some sort of shakeup to make things a little bit more alluring for those of us who want to see the brand of racing succeed.

If you follow along down in the video below, you get a couple of opinions on how exactly this fan thinks that the sport has been pushing people away and what he thinks that they could potentially do in order to draw in a wider audience. Watching a NASCAR race is certainly a favorite pastime of ours, so hopefully, the suits can kick it into high gear to get the car back on the track once again.