Man Gets $128 Fine For Warming Up Car In His Own Driveway

Posted by: Jeremy Patterson on 11/17/2021

We’ve heard plenty of crazy reasons for motorists getting citations, but this could be the most ridiculous.

A man living just outside Detroit was given a ticket for having his car idling in his driveway. In the harsh northern winters, many drivers idle their cars so they can jump into the warmth for their commute instead of having to shiver and shake until the car warms up on the drive. However, citing concerns of thieves jumping into the running cars and speeding away and fuel waste, as well as environmental threats, the authorities do ticket drivers for idling their cars.

We want to hear from you, Speed Society fans: Do you think this is a valid reason for citing a driver, or are the police just looking to bump their income by issuing more tickets for non-moving violations?