Man Gets Hit by Helicopter Blades and Survives WIth Only a Broken Wrist

Posted by: Jeremy Patterson on 11/17/2021

If we told you we had video of a guy being tossed up into the spinning rotor blades of a helicopter, would you think there’s any chance he survived that incident? When we read the title of this video, we were obviously skeptical, but it turns out, by some miracle, the guy not only survived, but only had as single, relatively minor injury when it was all said and done.

The pilot in this experimental prototype chopper, who is only identified as Kurt in the video, was having a time trying to get the aircraft off the ground. The helicopter became so unstable that it began to jerk and jump, causing the tail boom to impact the rotors. When this happened, the body of the helicopter was thrown violently upward, slinging the pilot out like a ragdoll and directly up into the spinning rotor blades.

Luckily for Kurt, the impact with the tail slowed the rotor blades enough that the impact only send him flying, breaking his wrist instead of cutting his had – and likely much more – completely off. He would walk away with haste to go get his injured wrist treated, certainly thankful to be alive after such a harrowing few moments.