Man overboard, Ship drops huge anchor on a tug boat

Posted by: Jeremy Patterson on 11/18/2021

Not a lot is needed to be said about this video, really. Like a huge floating bomber, this massive ship deploys its anchor right onto the deck of the diminutive tug boat that’s helping guide the hulking vessel.

As you’d expect, a ship of such enormous proportions has an equally-massive anchor, likely weighing several thousand pounds. For reasons unknown, the anchor drops unexpectedly and the only thing to catch it is the tiny tug below. Unfortunately, the tug is hardly built to withstand such an impact and the tiny boat is rocked to the point of nearly capsizing.

As the tug rocks to the side following the impact, you can see one of its two-man crew thrown unceremoniously overboard. The other crewman rushes out of the wheelhouse to look for his soaked companion, but the video ends before we see whether or not he was able to pull him back on board. This is a truly crazy video, and luckily its short enough to watch over and over again! It’s unknown – at least from this footage – whether or not the anchor was deployed intentionally or accidentally, but either way, somebody screwed up and could have cost one or both of the tug’s crew their lives.