Man Struggles With Seatbelt, Hilariously Stuck And Can't Get Out

Posted by: Jesse Kleib on 11/17/2021

For most of us, we’re familiar with that feeling when you go to move one little bit in your car and the next thing you know, your seatbelt is holding you in, leaving you to struggle for dear life in order to get it unlocked and allow you to move freely once again. For most, such a situation might be a minor annoyance but for this man, the ordeal ended up being something that would change the course of his entire day, giving him a reason to hate the locking mechanisms that are in place on your average seatbelt.

Now normally, such an instance only goes down for a couple of seconds until you realize that the belt is locked and unbuckle it, leaving yourself to free your body from the grasp of this evil mechanical device. In this situation particularly, what gives?vWhy couldn’t this guy just unbuckle himself and be free? Well, as it turns out, it looks like he didn’t exactly buckle himself in correctly but instead, for one reason or another, decided to drape the belt over himself, leaving absolutely no way to exit when the belt became tangled and locked. The entirety of the event is pretty hilarious to watch as the entire family ends up getting a good laugh here as the man can’t seem to figure out any way to make magic happen to counteract the black magic bestowed upon him by the seat belt gods.

If you follow along down in the video below, we have to warn you that the laughter here is absolutely contagious. It’s pretty crazy how something so simple can bring a family together for some major laughs, all at the expense of poor old dad as he managed to get himself all locked up in the backseat of the car. On the surface, it might seem like a forgettable moment but I’m sure that they will all be laughing about this one for years to come.