Maria "Evo Girl" goes for a ride in a 1200HP Supra, she loves boost!

Posted by: Jesse Kleib on 11/18/2021

We have seen it before, that video with the young and naive girl riding shotgun who thinks she is ready to take on G forces of big-time torque. Little does she know, there’s a freight train coming!

However, when the throttle is depressed, and a fury of screams is released upon the feeling of acceleration, the viewers learn otherwise.

This time, we check out a situation in which the ready and willing rider might not be so easy to freak out as she has been known to wheel around a powerful machine of her very own.

In this one, we catch up with That Racing Channel as they take Maria, the owner of a modified Mitsubishi Evo VIII, for a little ride in something that might just make a touch more power than her Evo.

Check out the video below to see if the 1200+ hp Toyota Supra is able to catch this gear-headed chick by surprise when the throttle drops to the floor!