Massive machinery crossing a wooden bridge... Sketchy as it gets!

Posted by: Jesse Kleib on 11/18/2021

There are some things that we have built into our human nature to trust here in American culture. For example, we don’t all quite understand the engineering behind the bridges around the United States but most of us, pending a few, of course, are able to trust the structures to hold us up while we cross them in our vehicles.

This time, however, even as someone who doesn’t classify himself as a person who is afraid of bridges, there is no way that you could ever get me across this thing. There is no amount of money that would make me span the gap using this rickety old bridge. The structure looks less trustworthy than a fart in a hot tub after eating some week old Mexican food if you pick up what I’m putting down.

However, it doesn’t look like everyone has the same point of view that I do as the driver of a massive grader appears to have no fear as he confidently pilots the oversized piece of heavy machinery across the bridge that I don’t think too many people would be willing to even walk across.

Check out the stunning display down in the video below for yourself as this guy puts life and limb at risk by trusting this bridge that somehow manages to hold up what seems like the weight of the world. That is some grade-A sketchiness right there!