Maybach 62S Too Heavy For Tow Truck Crane - EPIC FAIL

Posted by: Jesse Kleib on 11/17/2021

As the operator of a tow truck, at times, things might come up that you would never think of. When these challenges arise, there’s nothing to do but try to come up with an alternative solution on the spot to get to that goal in mind. After all, if you head out to do a job and don’t come back with the vehicle in question, somebody is going to end up being pretty upset. This time, though, that solution might be to call in some reinforcements to help out in a situation like this because “Plan A” most certainly didn’t work out here, that’s for sure.

The car in question here is none other than Maybach 62S. If you know anything at all about these cars, you might also happen to understand that they are equipped with some of the most luxurious materials and equipment that money can buy. Therefore, along with all of that extra onboard equipment comes extra weight. In addition to a car that’s probably already pretty heavy, we’re sure that all of those add-on features pile on a ton of bulk to the ride. Therefore, you can see where it might provide a little bit of a challenge to a tow truck driver looking to move one.

This time, we join in with the scene as captured by somebody nearby when a tow truck driver attempts to use his onboard crane in order to pick up such a Maybach. However, as mighty as that crane might be and as hard as he is trying here, the equipment just doesn’t look to be strong enough to pick up this superheavyweight of a luxury sedan. I guess that, if you’re looking for a car that might get repossessed because you don’t make the payments, this could be the route to go, not necessarily that we’re seeing that particular situation.