Mean 88mm Foxbody Goes up Against a 1000hp C6 ZO6 Corvette

Posted by: Jesse Kleib on 11/17/2021

There’s something about a couple of high horsepower machines butting heads that’s really refreshing to see as they roll out there and do battle, with the drivers laying into the throttle and putting their foot to the floor with the aim of putting a little bit of distance between themselves and the guy the next lane over. It’s three honks (or screams) then may the best man or lady win!

This time, it just so happens to be a Chevrolet Corvette that’s advertised is making over 1000 hp and a Ford Mustang Fox Body fitted with an 88-millimeter turbo, that are going for an adventure out in the streets with a little bit of roll racing action.

As t Corvette rolls up on the door of the Mustang, the suspense builds and after the passenger projects a 1-2-3 count to the other driver, the race is on to see which one of these cars can manage to put together more momentum in a race that looks to be pretty well evenly matched. Those are always the best kind as both competitors attempt to out maneuver one another.

Check out the video down below is the guys over at Redmaro productions put together some footage of the cars going at one another on the highway. Being in the driver’s seat or even in the passenger seat while a race like this is going down really has to be about the thrill of a lifetime.