Mechanic Recognizes Close Friends Stolen Motorcycle

Posted by: Jeremy Patterson on 11/17/2021

In one of the more feel-good stories we’ve stumbled across, this mechanic has an opportunity to play the spoiler to a motorcycle thief’s dastardly deeds.

Ryan Williams, a mechanic at Ridenow in Gainesville, Florida, noticed a bike in the parking lot that was stolen from a friend of his months earlier. Thanks to the bikes unique graphics package and color scheme, Williams knew there was no mistaking the bike – a Honda CBR1000 – belonging to Ryan’s friend Sandra. His quick thinking had the Gainesville Police Department on the scene quickly and resulted in the arrest of the thief.

The police searched the perpetrators house and found other stolen bikes and parts, hopefully solidifying the case against him to ensure he spends quite some time behind bars. While most bikes are never seen again if they’re stolen, sometimes karma has a way of delivering on both sides.