MECUM SOLD $3.5 Million - 1971 Plymouth Hemi Cuda Convertible

Posted by: Jose Corona on 11/17/2021

Mecum Auto Auction is one of the coolest companies in the automotive industries. The auction house is the home to some of the most ridiculous transactions to ever take place in the community, and their amazingly cool, iconic headquarters is the perfect backdrop for these big sales to take place. This car in particular ranks among the highest sale prices of any car to ever roll across an auction block, and when you hear the info about this classic Detroit muscle car, you’ll understand why.

All the way back in 1971, Plymouth rolled out the Hemi Cuda, a car that would, quite literally, change the automotive landscape. It’s combination of timeless styling and insane Hemi horsepower was quite possibly the pinnacle of the horsepower wars of the late 60’s and early 70’s. There weren’t many of these cars built though, and there were only two built in this particular configuration, one of which no longer remains in existence.
That makes this numbers-matching drop four speed top exactly one of one known to exist, and that’s why the bidding for this car went through the roof as soon as the auction began, hitting $400,000 within seconds and clearing $2.5 million in less than a minute. The bidding stalled a bit around there, but picked back up and climbed steadily over the next few minutes as the auctioneer scrambled to get the numbers up.

The car’s owner held the power to keep the car in his possession by not removing the reserve price, which he had set firmly at $3.5 million. Once that number was reached, the reserve came off and the auction ended a few moments later at that number.

If you watch this video and your heard doesn’t race just a little, you’re not really a car guy! This is great stuff that’s a ton of fun to watch!