Meet Rabbit, the High School Automotive Entrepreneur

Posted by: Jesse Kleib on 11/17/2021

If you’re familiar with the VinWiki YouTube channel, there’s a good chance that you have seen the one that goes by “Rabbit” on one of their videos or another. Basically, from what we have gathered of him, it seems like he has a very diverse past in the automotive community, giving him insight on a little bit of everything in that realm as he has managed to make his way into lots of interesting situations that are definitely worthy of a little bit of storytime and this time, we’re exposed to more of the same as we get to crack into another interesting story that is just one more stitch in the quilt of the past from this interesting individual.

This time, it’s none other than a little bit of what rabbit was up to in high school. You see, someone doesn’t just grab an automotive background out of their hat and start successfully one day, but instead, there’s usually a little bit of background and a learning curve behind it all that dictates that an individual is able to work their way up in some form or fashion to get to the point where they are today. In this one, we learn a little bit more about exactly what that looks like and this one is really an unlikely story as we hear about how exactly it appears Rabbit began to learn how take certain situations and bend them a bit in his favor, definitely an important ability in the world of cars.

If you follow along down in the video below, you’ll learn about how Rabbit stumbled into getting his hands on his very first Pontiac Trans Am and how he described it as being nicer than the majority of teachers’ cars in his school. In turn, we also learn how that would end up getting him into a little bit of parking trouble that would end with a result that is way too juicy to turn down. Sink yourself into the story below and be prepared for quite the whirlwind that’ll probably put a little bit of a smile on your face today.