Mega Truck Nitrous Explosion in Bounty Hole! OUCH!

Posted by: Jesse Kleib on 11/18/2021

If you do it right, nitrous can prove to be one heck of a fun time no matter what kind of surface you find yourself racing on – off the road or on it.

However, If you screw it up or if some kind of freak circumstance happens, nitrous can tend to turn a good day around mighty quickly.

This time, we check out hey mega truck in action that looks to have just become a part of the latter as the driver hits a bounty hole hard and doesn’t quite come out the other side.

Midway through the pull, we’re introduced to an extravagant explosion that looks to be from the nitrous onboard. Check out the video below as the driver is able to escape before any real injury. Hopefully, the truck wasn’t hurt too bad, either!