Miata Does Burnout Until it Literally Explodes!

Posted by: Jesse Kleib on 11/17/2021

When it comes to something that even is as simple as doing a burnout, there are different levels to how seriously someone takes the craft. For starters, you have the casual burnout enthusiasts who will roast some tires here and there, showing off a little bit of a rowdy side after car shows and such. From there, we go to someone who’s a little bit more serious about it. You’ll find them doing burnouts everywhere they go. Yeah, we all know that guy. Last but not least, we check out the burnout master who goes as far as shredding tires until there’s nothing left! These kinds of rubber killing maniacs are the most fun to watch.

This time, we join in on a display with someone who looks to be a member of that last category, the ones that really go out there and give it their all during a tire peel, stretching their car to the limit as the engine bangs off of the rev limiter with the attempt of showing us exactly what the car has got. With this one, it looks like the man behind the tire shredding really went all the way and then some, sending the car to the most extreme limit possible.

In this tire roasting session, we watch as the Mazda Miata keeps on going and going until the engine explodes and sends this car up in flames! That’s not something that you ever want to see happen and you can’t help but feel for this guy who set out to put on a show for the crowd and ended up going home with nothing as the car quickly was engulfed by the flames and with a moment’s notice to spare, burned itself to a crisp, leaving the majority of the machine severely damaged.

You can ride along in this display down in the video below if you dare to see exactly how far this guy took it before the Miata beneath him decided that it would no longer want to be a part of this foolery. Be sure to tell us what you think of this burnout display that goes incredibly wrong!