Midwest Street Cars Testing chassis upgrades on the OG Murder Nova!

Posted by: Jeremy Patterson on 11/17/2021

With another filming session coming up for the 405’s baddest badasses, it’s time to do some upgrades to the hotrods to make sure they’re ready to keep their spots on the list or move up even higher.

Shawn and his fan-favorite Murder Nova are always locked into the top of the list, spending as much time at #1 as anybody on the show. In order to maintain that performance, he and the crew from Midwest Street Cars did some chassis upgrades to help the Murder Nova combat its longstanding tireshake issues. If this test session at nearby Thunder Valley Raceway Park is any indication, the changes have cleaned up the shake in large part and should help Shawn keep pace with the list’s other frontrunners.

Check out these passes and let us know what you think. Will Shawn be able to maintain his position on the list, or does he need some more updates and upgrades to remain competitive?