Million-Dollar "Supercar" Believed To Be a Rebodied Corvette, Drama Ensues

Posted by: Jesse Kleib on 11/16/2021

No matter who you are, a million dollars is a lot of money. This is especially true for someone who is considering spending it on a car. With that kind of loot, the possibilities are almost endless. One option available to someone looking to drop seven figures on the car is the Prato Orage.

The company has called themselves “The first French supercar builder” as they’ve put together a gorgeous machine. Some seem to think that this title is unwarranted, though. First of all, we’re just going to glide over the fact that Bugatti exists. I guess their marketing team missed that one.

Aside from the obvious, though, several websites are reporting that the car is believed to have “borrowed” more than a couple of parts from a C6 Chevrolet Corvette as well. Other opinions seem to lead to the conclusion that the vehicle is simply a re-bodied Corvette. The evidence seems to exist in interior features like the turn signal stalk and window switches. It follows as the car ripping around Goodwood has an awfully familiar exhaust note coming from the 8.1L.

Freelance journalist, Lewis Kingston, seems to be the most outspoken about the similarities. In an original tweet, he argued that the car is basically a C6. He then recommends that people save their money and go for the Corvette instead of a car like the Orage.

He continues that “Aside from its general configuration and shape, the steering column/shifter position was the first thing that set me thinking. Then there are the dead giveaways, such as the mirror/window switches.”

This certainly isn’t a first by any stretch of the imagination. Various kit cars have been circulating on the market for years. There are also many smaller startups that will use parts from other manufacturers. This helps with the overhead of engineering everything from scratch.

There’s a slight difference between offering a kit car and trying to pass off a vehicle as an original, though. We’re not saying Prato has done this but the community has been talking.

If you ask us, the car is rather indistinguishable from a C6 Corvette outside. It would take someone familiar with the platform to notice anything. We can’t take anything away from the machine as the design looks impeccable. We also haven’t found anything that leads us to believe Prato claimed that it was a 100% original vehicle.

However, if the car truly is based on a run-of-the-mill C6, potential buyers might want to weight out their options carefully.