"Miss Misery" Outlaw 4x4 Drag Truck Crash (with Interview)

Posted by: Jeremy Patterson on 11/17/2021

Bobby Dodrill owns and drives the quickest and fastest all-wheel-drive truck in the world. Having been as quick as 4.30 at 170 MPH in the 1/8th mile.

The truck is powered by a gnarly blown big block that sends power out to all four wheels thanks to a beefy all-wheel-drive system that stands up to the massive torque of the engine as well as the traction from the super-sticky tracks Bobby competes on. The truck has earned the nickname Miss Misery over the years after giving Bobby and his wife Lisa a headache after a headache while chasing down the myriad weak links that pop up when you’re one of few people doing something like building a record-breaking one-off project like this.

For the past couple of years, the headaches have become fewer and farther between and Bobby has enjoyed the fruits of his labor and misery while campaigning the truck with relatively few broken parts or mishaps. After establishing the all-wheel-drive world record back in the spring of 2017, the truck has performed like a champ for the past year plus, but finally, the luck ran out and a big gremlin jumped up and bit Bobby last weekend.

Competing at Crossville Dragway in Tennessee, Bobby launched the truck hard, only to have what he believed to be a failure in the front differential that caused the truck to spin hard into the wall just off the starting line on the first pass at the event. Bobby gave a great interview after the crash, thank the sponsors who have helped him get the truck where it is, said a few words to his father, who recently passed away, and vowed to be back on the track with the truck soon.

Bobby and his wife do have sponsors who help them out, but they run everything themselves on a small budget, so if any of you guys out there would like to see this badass truck on the track a little sooner, I’m sure they would appreciate any donations that you would like to make to their operation!