Mod2Fame Review of the Chevy SS: Demuro Got It Wrong!

Posted by: Jeremy Patterson on 11/17/2021

So I’ve noticed that there are several videos proclaiming that famed YouTube car reviewer Doug Demuro “got it wrong” with his review about the Chevrolet SS, so I’m guessing he had less-than-stellar remarks on the sedan. Many YouTubers have rallied to the SS’s side, posting their responses to Demuro’s review, including my friend Stefan from Mod2Fame, who took a little different approach in his response.

As gearheads, rarely do any of us leave a car stock, so Stefan decided to find a lightly modded SS to review to see what we might be looking at if we were to pick up an SS and spend a few extra buck making it our own. He sourced a Chevy with aftermarket wheels, a lowered suspension, a cold air intake and headers. These are pretty basic mods that most of us would consider “round one”, though many are content with a little more pep and the look wheels and a drop adds.

As you can see, Stefan is pretty impressed with the car, having almost universally positive things to say about it The car has solid acceleration, shifts hard, handles well and is pleasant to drive when you’re just cruising. The only real negative takeaway from the experience is the paddle shifters being a bit sluggish in their response, which could definitely cause an issue but should be easy enough to adjust to with some time spent behind the wheel of the car.

Stefan then took the SS and his own Hellcat, a car we’re vert familiar with here, and lined up for a little fun on the highway. These were just quick top end runs to show how the SS pulls alongside the supercharged HEMI-powered Challenger. The race goes as expected with the Hellcat walking away fairly easily, but that’s to be expected with only minor mods under the hood of the SS.

Go ahead and hit that play button to see what Stefan has to say about the SS and let us hear what you think about them if you’ve had the chance to slide behind the wheel of one yourself.