Mom Almost Cries In Fear of 700whp Supra Ride Along

Posted by: Jeremy Patterson on 11/17/2021

Reaction videos are the best, especially when there’s a mom strapped in the passenger seat! It never fails that mom overreacts in a major way to the acceleration, often almost shedding tears as they clamber to find something to hang on to.

This video is no different, when this young Supra owner unleashes his 700+ horsepower with Mom sitting shotgun, she absolutely loses her mind, screaming and pleading for her son to stop. Of course, when you’re used to a minivan, SUV or other daily mom-mobile that likely has less than 250 HP, a full 700 is likely to feel like your chest is being pressed against your spine.

In the end, she ended up being just fine, as we knew she would. We can’t help but wonder if she ever sets foot in anything her son is driving again?