Most American Burnout EVER in Front of COPS!

Posted by: Matt Wright on 11/18/2021

When it comes to those events that are known to have the best afterparty in the streets, you can’t even compile a list without at least mentioning the likes of TX2k.

This time, we ride along with BigKleib34 and head to the streets as things get just a little bit rowdy and the police show up to break it all up.

However, the cherries and berries aren’t scaring off these tire shredding car enthusiasts as they keep on killing the pavement, even when the police are on the scene.

One guy behind the wheel of a Dodge Challenger seems especially excited as he lays down some rubber while flaunting his cowboy hat out the window.

Check out the video below that immerses us in the action to see what the party is all about after folks get done with all of the insanity at the track!