Most Basic Winch Possible - Every Driver Should Have One!

Posted by: Jesse Kleib on 11/17/2021

In a community that enjoys driving off of the beaten path, there are plenty of accessories to be bought. Many of these accessories revolve around making sure that said vehicle doesn’t end up getting stuck. These aren’t just limited to aggressive suspensions and big tires, either. Instead, we see recovery systems designed to help out a little bit more. Essentially, many of these will anchor the vehicle to a solid point and pull it forward. Hopefully, it’ll become dislodged from the mud, able to roll freely again. No matter how capable a vehicle is, every once in a while, there’s a chance it’ll get nice and stuck in the wrong terrain.

Now, this sounds like an open and shut case, right? Anyone who’s doing off-roading is going to want to equip a traditional winch to get their vehicle out when it’s in a bad spot. However, it goes a little bit deeper than that. In fact, there is a whole variety of recovery systems that drivers can put in place in order to rescue their vehicle. Some of these are a little bit more complicated while others use basic physics and strong materials to recover the vehicles. Some even make use of components of the vehicle that will be in motion anyway to create some forward momentum.

By following along with the “Bog Out,” we get to see such a device in action. When observing this winch, it looks like nothing more than a rope ladder. Essentially, that sort of observation would be correct. It turns out that this “Rope ladder” has a couple of extra nuances that make it special, though. In this demo, we can see how exactly the Bog Out works and how it allows this particular Isuzu to make its way out of a tough spot using its very own power.