Motorcycle Rider Cut Off, Ends Up on Car's Trunk When Driver Continues to Accelerate

Posted by: Jesse Kleib on 11/17/2021

One thing that we hear about over and over again is motorcycle safety because, in many situations, motorcycle riders will be caught up in pretty bad situations where they end up going for a wild ride that won’t soon be forgotten and can sometimes be tied up with injury and even worse.

Because of the low visibility of these rides, it’s important to keep an eye out and make sure that you aren’t getting in the way of one’s path or anybody else, for that matter. If you look twice, something that simple could go a long way toward saving a life.

Now, in most situations, you’d think that after somebody did get into a situation where they run into any other motorist, that they would stop and make sure that the other driver was okay. This time, however, we check out someone who pretty much does the exact opposite of that as the plot just keeps getting stranger and stranger with every single second that passes.

We watch from helmet-mounted GoPro as this motorcycle rider is making his way down the freeway, however, when a blue sedan merges in front of him, apparently without looking to see if anybody was coming, the rider rear ends the car and would end up being flipped up onto the car’s trunk. Normally, this would be where the driver would stop, however, with the motorcycle rider banging on the back window, the car continues to accelerate down the highway!

When the rider finally managed to get the car to stop and made his way to the driver side window, all that the driver had to say for himself was that he “wasn’t sorry.” We have to say, it’s quite the society that we live in that a person would have no remorse or even any concern about the rider that he just demolished.

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