Motorcycle Rider Witnesses Something Crazy Happen!

Posted by: Randy Zebraman on 11/17/2021

This motorcyclist had to do nothing but stop his when he was given a glimpse at a cyclists goodies! As the motorcycle rider slows for an upcoming intersection, you can see the cute cyclist pedaling along to the right. When he comes to a stop, the cyclist pedals back into the frame.

As she too slows before entering the intersection, her skirt is blown completely off by a sudden gust of wind, leaving her bare-bottomed for the world, including our motorcycling videographer, to see.

Wearing nothing but her shirt and undies, she scampers to retrieve her skirt, trying quite unsuccessfully to hide her bottom from the eyes of those around her. Before we get to see just how she proceeds to handle the situation, the motorcyclist respectfully rides away, hopefully alleviating some of her embarrassment.

At least the bare naked lady now knows not to wear that skirt next time she takes her bike out for a ride! And at least for the motorcyclist – and us – she was very easy on the eyes!