Murder Nova and Son, Aidan, Hook up Aidan's First Car With New Mods!

Posted by: Jesse Kleib on 11/16/2021

For the past couple of months over on the 187 Customs YouTube channel, we’ve been watching something special come together. Shawn aka Murder Nova has been working with his son, Aidan, to put together Aidan’s first car.

Our first car is something that we all remember. Even if it’s not the greatest set of wheels on earth, just the ability to get around and have that sense of freedom was more than enough.

However, as one might imagine, for the son of a Street Outlaw, not any typical first car will do. Instead, we have been watching as Shawn and Aidan have been working on an old school Chevrolet Chevelle Malibu. The old-school muscle machine would make a pretty nice first car in any capacity. However, this one is going to be getting a little bit of love with some go-fast parts.

This time, Shawn is conveying a little bit of knowledge about building a fast car outside of the realm of power. One very important part of building a car that’s meant for speed is making sure that weight savings happen everywhere that they can.

The weight reduction in question this time is coming in the form of some new wheels. As some might’ve noticed, in the drag racing community, racers will run a skinny front wheel. These wheels known as “front runners” serve the equation of weight reduction in a couple of different ways.

First off, the skinny wheel uses less material than a traditional front wheel – duh. Furthermore, the material that it does use is going to likely be a lightweight alternative to the steel that we would find on a car like this Chevelle.

In the video below, we watch and learn a little bit ourselves as dad teaches Aidan the benefits of such modification. He even gets the chance to get schooled in mounting and balancing the new tires.