Murder Nova Makes a Shakedown Pass After a Ton of Updates

Posted by: Jeremy Patterson on 11/17/2021

With the ever-evolving group of cars on the 405 Top 10 list, if you aren’t making your car faster, you’re moving backwards and will quickly find yourself losing spots on the list.

Recently, Shawn did quite a few updates on the Murder Nova to hopefully tame the tireshake issue he’s been fighting for the past couple of years. As one of the quickest cars on Street Outlaws, he carries a target on his back and needs the consistency that would come with eliminating the tire shake dilemma, but it’s been giving him fits off and on for quite some time now.

With wholesale changes in place, the crew loaded up and headed to the track to make some test hits. What you see here is one of those. Notice that the tires stay firmly planted throughout the pass as Shawn lays down a solid looking run. While the shake issues could return when the Murder Nova hits the streets, this pass looks promising for the Midwest gang, and should serve as a warning for everyone beneath him on the list.

Pretty happy with the second shake down pass after all the work Monkey did to the chassis on the old car. We got a racecar now! Chief fixing to cram some power in it and see how fast it'll go!

Posted by Murder Nova on Monday, February 20, 2017