Murder Nova Takes His Son to the Track in His First Car

Posted by: Jesse Kleib on 11/16/2021

For those who have been following along with the 187 Customs YouTube channel, they’ve been able to watch some awesome moments lately. If there’s one thing that every person remembers, it’s their first car. That can be for better or for worse. However, the trials and tribulations provided by our first ever set of wheels is something that tends to stick with a person.

It has come time for Shawn aka Murder Nova’s son, Aiden, to get his own ride and it’s a sweet one! Over the past couple of episodes, we have watched the car come together nicely. For starters, Aiden has an insane first car with the likes of a Chevrolet Chevelle. When things started out, the car wasn’t exactly quick. This is to be expected with just about any car this dated. The old school technology on board had definitely seen better days. However, when your dad is a professional racer, let’s just say that your slow muscle car is unlikely to stay that way.

As we have to watched the project unfold so far, we have seen some modifications. With the likes of a new engine and fully custom exhaust, this Chevelle is on the move. Right now, Aiden can’t race alone. However, with dad in the passenger seat, he’s able to make a couple of passes. Again, this serves as a moment that most people will never forget. Those of us who become lifelong gearheads likely remember the first time we drove down the drag strip.

While young Aiden may not recognize how monumental this moment is while he’s living it, this is sure to be one that he looks back on one day with a smile. Being able to experience this whole thing with his dad and get it all on film is definitely an awesome memory to document.