This Mustang Packs a Punch Courtesy of a Corvette ZR1 Power Plant!

Posted by: Jesse Kleib on 11/17/2021

Holley’s LS Fest West is a celebration of all things with LS power. As we all know, LS power has found its way into just about every platform imaginable. While there are some swaps that have been done over and over again, some manage to keep a fresh edge. It’s certainly no surprise of the most popular LS swap candidates is the Ford Mustang. With this particular pair of Mustangs, though, we find something that goes above and beyond your typical swap.

This time, when exploring the grounds at Las Vegas Motor Speedway, we catch up with the husband and wife tag team, Brandon and Tiana Weber of Accelerated Racing Solutions. They have a pair of LS Mustangs, unlike any others that you’ll see.

Brandon’s car, a twin-turbo LME 427 powered SN95 Mustang is capable of low 7s in the quarter-mile. Let’s just say that the machine has a touch of in-your-face. It’s certainly a head-turner as it’s been seen traveling down the eighth-mile in the 4-second range!

Tiana’s car, however, is a touch more subtle. The New Edge style Mustang was seen at the event capturing 8-second quarter-mile times. We couldn’t help but wonder what was under the hood. As is the protocol for these types of builds, it had to be some sort of junkyard truck engine with a turbo, right? With no turbo insight when the hood was popped, it was pretty shocking to see an LS9 dropped out of a sixth generation Chevrolet Corvette ZR1.

Down in the BigKleib34 video below, we can see the husband and wife combo laying down the law at the event. We also get a little bit more backstory as to how these wild rides came together. Every time that we see an ARS machine, it seems like it’s going faster and faster. With that in mind, we’re told that the ZR1 powered car is due for a little bit of nitrous before long!