Mustang Spins 720° at Wide Open Throttle, Nearly Obliterates Opponent

Posted by: Jesse Kleib on 11/17/2021

During the course of a drag race, you really never know what’s going to happen as just about any set of circumstances could unfold in time, especially when the cars get faster. While we all love speed and will probably never stop in our pursuit of going as fast we possibly can, the quicker that the wheels are turning, the higher the possibility that something is going to go wrong as parts are put through more of a strenuous situation and traction is really put to the test to the point where, if you end up losing control, it’s definitely not going to end up looking pretty.

This time, we follow along with a nitrous powered first-generation Ford Mustang that definitely has some intense power to lay down on the track. This thing really moves out in a hurry, however, as quickly as it took the car to rocket out of the hole, things seem to go awry as the car slides out of the groove a little bit. As the machine makes its way toward the area of the track that isn’t as well-prepared as the center, all traction is lost and the car seems to immediately veer across both lanes, doing a 720° spin before colliding with the wall after almost taking the other car down as well.

If you follow along down in the video below from JMalcom2004, you’ll be able to watch the entire situation as it unfolds right in your lap. Luckily, neither of the drivers would end up getting hurt in the situation, however, that Mustang ended up taking quite the gnarly bump as it really blasted that wall with a vengeance. Hopefully, the driver didn’t sustain too much damage to the car and is able to get it back out there quickly. You never really like to see another driver go down like this.

This was not good at all!! One wild ride but glad the driver was ok!

Posted by JMalcom2004 on Saturday, July 7, 2018