Mysterious Black Stealth Ship Prowls San Francisco Bay

Posted by: Jesse Kleib on 11/18/2021

When you take a look at most yachts floating around in the water, you’ll see big swooping structures painted with a stark white exterior.

This time, however, the crisp white exterior is forgone in favor of something a little bit darker and the swooping curves that we are used to are ditched for a more angular look.

In short, this $33 million ship floating around in the San Francisco Bay drew the attention of pretty much everybody who laid eyes on the vessel.

For some reason, this news crew took it upon themselves to approach the ship to see exactly what was going on onboard and they weren’t exactly greeted with a smiling face.

Check out the video below of the obscure floating mansion that is drawing more than its fair share of attention. Would you buy a yacht like this?