NASA's NEW 10 Engine DRONE Puts all Others to SHAME!

Posted by: Matt Wright on 11/18/2021

NASA’s NEW 10 Engine DRONE Puts all Others to SHAME!

If you just spent a lot of money, thinking that your new drone was the coolest on the market, then you might want to click away now because NASA just completely put it to shame!

Ok, ok, it might be a little unreasonable to think that we could compete with NASA, but this rig known as the Greased Lightning GL-10 is still incredibly fun to look at! Heck, it features ten engines! How much cooler can it get!?

Check out the video below of the flying machine in action. This prototype has a 10-foot wingspan and can take off like a helicopter while maintaining the ability to fly just like an airplane. Imagine using this in combination with a bunch of GoPro cameras to cover your favorite event!

If we had to pick a close second coolest, it would probably be this Star Wars inspired drone.