NASCAR Gone Wild! Kyle Busch Brawls with Joey Logano & The No. 22 Crew on Pit Road

Posted by: Jeremy Patterson on 11/17/2021

Kyle Busch has certainly earned his reputation as a bit of a hot-head among the NASCAR Monster Cup Series fan base, and this weekend his temper caused that reputation to get a massive boost. Plus, he got a knot on the noggin to boot.

We’ll leave you to decide who was at fault as far as the on-track incident itself, as both Busch and Joey Logano had a part in that. However, it seems Busch found himself in a bit of a pickle when he headed to Logano’s pit to “discuss” the incident, only to find himself squaring off with the whole Pennzoil pit crew instead of Logano himself.

It’s hard to say who got the lick in that left Busch with a small cut on his forehead, but somebody obviously caught him just about his right eye, leaving him with a noticeable wound as security personnel pulled him from the #22 pit. Who do you think was at fault in the on-track incident, and was Busch justified in approaching Logano afterwards?