NASCAR Plans to Hold 7 Races in 11 Days Starting May 17

Posted by: Jesse Kleib on 11/16/2021

It has been a while since we’ve seen any live sports. From football to racing and everything in between, it’s all cancelled. However, it seems like some governing bodies in the world of sports are planning for that to change soon.

Thursday, NASCAR put a plan in place to get back into action. We know what you’re probably thinking. They’re just going to bump the schedule back a couple of weeks, right? Not exactly.

Thursday, NASCAR revealed its plans to get back to racing post-COVID-19. Instead of maintaining a traditional schedule, we’re going to see 7 races happen over the span of just 10 days. This is certainly a far cry from the structure that we’ve gotten from NASCAR in the past. Different times call for different measures, though.

Four of these races are slated to come from the Cup Series as the sport takes on Darlington and Charlotte twice each. Wedged in between these races, we will have both Xfinity and Truck Series races as well. Let’s just say that it’s going to be a busy stretch for teams, track workers, and NASCAR employees alike.

As of now, the season is scheduled to resume May 17 in Darlington with no fans in attendance. The Cup Series will then head to Kansas on the 31st before resuming with a somewhat normal weekly schedule once again.

Racing without fans was the original strategy to continue during the COVID-19 outbreak before they decided to postpone all racing instead. While the situation is less than desirable, it forces NASCAR to try something new. Fans have wanted to give mid-week racing a shot for some time now which the Wednesday races will be able to do. Perhaps it’ll open up NASCAR’s eyes to some new opportunities.

As far as safety goes, NASCAR has guidelines in place to protect those on the premises. The plan on using CDC guidelines on social distancing and personal protective equipment.