Nasty Methanol Burning 4 Rotor Engine in a Boat

Posted by: Jeremy Patterson on 11/17/2021

It’s hard to beat the visceral, wicked sound of a modified rotary engine, no matter what type of vehicle it’s in.

This tiny vessel is crammed full of pissed off four rotor, and even at idle it sounds like it’s ready to rip the driver’s head off. As the driver and co-pilot ease out to the center of the lake, you can almost feel the engine fighting to unleash it’s fury. As soon as they driver throws open the throttle, we get to see and hear what this engine can do, and it’s nothing short of ridiculous!

We have to advise you to crank up the volume and listen as this boat shreds through he water, ripping some ridiculous turns as they let the rotary engine scream, resulting in pure auditory bliss! We also have to give these boaters props for their cool tow van, check that thing out at the beginning and end of the video!