Nate Prichetts Twin Turbo Mustang 1-Wheel Wheelstand

Posted by: Jesse Kleib on 11/18/2021

Ideally, with a drag car, you’d like all four wheels to stay planted firmly to the racing surface when you throw all of that power into the mix.

Unfortunately for racers, however, that isn’t always the case as time-killing wheelstands always seem to find their way into the mix, chopping down the efficiency of a pass. We won’t deny that it looks cool, though.

This time, we check out a wheelie of epic proportions as Nate Prichett lines up with his twin turbo Ford Mustang at No Mercy 7 and lets it eat at full force.

At first, the car spectacularly lifts up the front two wheels but it isn’t until it goes back down that it continues to pop back up again and the show really begins.

Check out the video below as all but one of the wheels lift off of the ground, causing what has to be one insane feeling for Nate behind the wheel. It’s too bad that epic wheelies like this don’t do any good for winning races.