New $13 Billion Aircraft Carrier USS Gerald R. Ford Moves On Own Power For The First Time

Posted by: Jesse Kleib on 11/17/2021

Every day, countless dollars change hands and people both make and lose money every second of every day. When you consider how much money the average household makes over the span of a lifetime, one look at the monetary figure behind this battleship might just make your jaw drop.

Before you read the title of this article, what would you have guessed that a ship like this would cost? Well, obviously at this point, you know that the bank account figures rack up to an astonishing $13 billion dollars to finally set the aircraft carrier, that goes by the name of the USS Gerald R. Ford, in motion for the first time.

With all that money invested, it would naturally pique somebody’s interest to see exactly what the vessel looks like and that’s exactly what this video is here for as we watch the massive ship set sail for the first time ever. As you watch it leave the port, you can’t help but wonder what kind of sights this ship will see over its long years of service to come.

Check out the video below that takes the phrase “high dollar” to an all-new level when this technological powerhouse shows off its colors. Tell us what you think of this massive hunk of machinery as it comes to life for the very first time ever.