NEW 455 Super Duty Trans Am | The Story Behind The Design

Posted by: Jesse Kleib on 11/17/2021

When you think about cars that have made their presence on the silver screen felt and have made as big of an impact as the actors themselves, there’s no denying that the Bandit climbs to somewhere near the top of that list. Picturing Burt Reynolds behind the wheel of that Pontiac Trans Am really just gives off a radiance of badass in a way that’s hard to explain and has inspired a nation. It’s sort of the moment that made the Trans Am insanely cool and gave birth to a brand of enthusiast that’s not willing to let it go.

Sure, Pontiac might have died off years ago but that isn’t to say that the brand is completely dead. With aftermarket companies coming up with their very own renditions of the now fallen Trans Am, the brand surely lives on through the efforts of its biggest enthusiasts. However, there certainly has been a lot of struggle in making a vision like this come together. While it would seem like just a couple of body parts slapped on a Camaro, that isn’t really the case.

With all that General Motors has been up to as of late, they probably could have done some pretty radical things that the aftermarket has taken the liberty of doing after starting off with your average Chevrolet Camaro. Check out the video below that revives one of the most iconic cars to ever be seen by this country of ours and tells the story of the machine that has gone through plenty of twist and turns, peaks and valleys, to get to the point where it is today. It isn’t just the wild car that we’re excited about, but all the things that it represents. Tell us what you think of the latest and greatest as it spins a classic into something new that you can reach out and touch.