NEW FOOTAGE - 1970 Plymouth Superbird 1/2 Scale!

Posted by: Matt Wright on 11/18/2021

NEW FOOTAGE – 1970 Plymouth Superbird 1/2 Scale!

Surely, a well done classic car will turn some heads, but what if you took that classic car and shrunk it down to a scaled version of itself? In that case, we would have to call it the ultimate attention getter!

Instead of your average 1970 Plymouth Superbird, this identical replica is a fraction of the size of its bigger brother. Best of all, this miniature ride can surprisingly still house a full-sized driver.

Check out the video below showing off this 8hp monster that was handmade from scratch with an all fiberglass body sitting atop a go-kart chassis. If you could pick any car in the world, which would you miniaturize?

Check out more footage of this insanely cool replica!

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