New Hummer Delivers 1000 Horsepower, Faster 0-60 Than a Hellcat.

Posted by: Jesse Kleib on 11/16/2021


When the Hummer first came around, it was definitely different than most of what we saw on the market. The former military vehicle had made its way into consumer’s hands and was the best kind of overkill. Eventually, more renditions of the Hummer would come to life. After the third generation in the H3, the brand would fall off of the face of the Earth.

Some had argued that what was once awesome had since been watered down. We haven’t heard from Hummer since 2010. That is all going to change in a big way after this year’s Super Bowl. General Motors has big plans to debut their plans to the world with the help of LeBron James.

Fans Clamor for a Return

Since the Hummer’s demise, the rumor mills have been buzzing. Hummer carved out such a unique niche in the marketplace that we couldn’t help but be attracted to it. Even if we weren’t willing to shell out the big money that would’ve required to buy one, it’s hard to not be mesmerized by what the platform offered.

I think that both fans and curious bystanders Alike have been wondering what whatever happened if the vehicle was revamped. It turns out that we’re going to be able to find out just that rather soon.

The NEw Hummer – How Much Power & When Can I get One?

As far as specifics, we don’t have a ton of details. However, what we can say, is that Hummer will be released under the GMC nameplate.

GM promises 1,000 horsepower that will take the Hummer from 0-60 in just 3 seconds. The horsepower is nearly unparalleled as far as production vehicles go. As far the 0-60 times, it promises to be faster than the likes of cars like the Dodge Challenger Hellcat. Heck, it’s bordering on the insane 0-60 time of the AWD Nissan GT-R.

The vehicle that we presume will be an SUV also promises an absurd 11,500 pound-feet of torque. From what we understand, this isn’t the actual number but is technically correct from an engineer’s point of view. In other words, it’s not the same measurement that we’re used to seeing torque delivered in.

Beyond that, we also have learned that the vehicle is scheduled to be unveiled in May of this year. Furthermore, it’ll become available in Fall of 2021. On paper, this sounds like something that lots are going to want to get onboard with.

Long story short, this thing is shaping up to be absolutely absurd if GM can deliver. – suvs