New Record! Ziff Hudson is the very first to the 4.0's on a 275 tire

Posted by: Matt Wright on 11/18/2021

Ziff Hudson has just laid down a 4.05@186 in Radial vs the World on a 275 Radial Tire!!! Ziff is the very first person in the world to do a 4.0 on a 275 tire. This is a huge accomplishment to be the very first 275 car to ever crack that number. His Mustang rocketed down the track with ease clocking in a 4.05@186

We often hear the question “What is the 275 series?” – The 275 series class is for cars running a 275/60 tire, this class has become quite popular across country with racers trying to run as fast as they can on a 275 tire just like Ziff Hudson . “275 is an eighth mile heads up class run on a .400 pro tree with a pro ladder.”

Screen Shot 2016-10-10 at 9.24.41 AM

Check out the video below where Ziff Hudson is racing his 275 Ford Mustang at No Mercy 7 the biggest and baddest drag radial race in the world. Congrats Ziff on the new record, we know you have worked your ass off to get here now keep it shiny side up for us!