NEW Tire Technology? The Future of Racing: On and Off Road

Posted by: Matt Wright on 11/18/2021

NEW Tire Technology? The Future of Racing: On and Off Road

This year, Honkook unveiled a set of concept tires that they’ve been working on in conjunction with the University of Cincinati. The new technology is designed to physically adapt to your driving environment and the end result will blow your mind!

Here’s what Hankook had to say about the new design:

“This year, the theme was ‘A Great Challenge for a Great Change’: to develop concept tyres that address alterations in the terrain as a result of climate change. As such, the Boostrac, Alpike and HyBlade were born tackle desertification, heavy snow and heavy rain.

Boostrac boasts hexagonal tread blocks that can transform into an expanded mode for intensified traction – especially on steep and rough conditions such as desert and mountain roads.

Alpike, along with the studs and gaps, is designed with a tyre circumferential expansion mode, which increases vehicle ground clearance, making it optimal for heavy snow.

HyBlade is designed to provide the ideal solution for heavy rain. It’s equipped with ‘waterwheel’ tread and side spokes that create driving and steering force in heavy rain.”

This may be one of the action packed commercials ever! Check out the video below and see for yourself.